Cheyenne Mountain Resort, Colorado Springs info?

Anyone have any experience with Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs? Does anyone know anything about using the resort's wedding planner? We're looking for more of a party atmosphere than a wedding atmosphere, and Im going to need A LOT of help with planning how to achieve that. Thanks for any info or opinions you can provide!

Re: Cheyenne Mountain Resort, Colorado Springs info?

  • I booked with Cheyenne Mtn Resort for an August wedding we were looking at GOG club and sunbird but settled on Cheyenne Mtn Resort for the laid back party idea - they were one of the only venues that let us decide our own wedding end time, all our guests are coming from out of town so we wanted to stay in one spot for the whole night, so we have the ballroom to 1:00am but will be able to have it to 2:00am if people are still going. They also do a midnight snack and ice luges, they are not stuffy and dont have any set rules. I really have enjoyed working with them. Did you end up book there?
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