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My husband-to-be and I are a bit new to northern Colorado, and thankfully have quite a chunk of time before our wedding. But while searching for possible venues, I'm starting to feel overwhelmed.

We're hoping to find a venue that will allow an evening, outdoor ceremony and possibly reception (though indoor reception is acceptable, and indoor ceremony as a last resort) that also accepts outside catering. We're on a budget and hoping to spend less than $2000 with a wedding out of season on a Friday evening. Our guest list is around 140+, though I wouldn't expect more than 100 to actually attend.

Any venue suggestions? I've looked into several, but wouldn't mind seeing what others suggestion. :)

Re: Venue Suggestions

  • Ellis ranch carriage house would work for u maybe. It's in Loveland. You can google it. :) hope thus helps.
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  • Tapestry house in laporte, edgewater in windsor, austin's in windsor would be my suggestions
  • Mcreery house in loveland is super cute garden wedding, can hold 130 i believe outside and everything is pretty much included for about 3200.  I looked into ellis ranch and it was too expensive for me and based on your budget it may be as well.  I'm getting married at the Mc C ranch in masonville awesome location very cheap it is a bit informal but you can decorate any way you like.  It's not easy to find though he doesn't really advertise but I loved the place. Has outside area for ceremony and the barn for inside reception, it's not much to look at from the outside but when you go in you will be pleasantly suprised.
  • Oooh, very nice! I'll definitely look into all of these! I've heard of a few of them, but didn't do much aside from googling pictures. :) Thank you!
  • My venue is up by Estes Park, its called Little Elk Meadow Lodge. $500 flat rate for all night long, for all the rooms. We are having all of our bridal party stay there after the. Really nice couple that own it. I'm not sure if that many people could fit on the inside if you really needed them to. We are having 100-120 people and renting a tent for the "just in case".
  • Also check the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins - they have a beautiful rooftop terrace for an outdoor wedding.  You could also have your reception on the roof, or move into one of the ballrooms. 
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