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Hi everyone, does anyone know if it's possible to find the "happily married" cake around CO?! They are originally called "Bem-casado" and are from Brazil. It's a mini sponge cake sandwich that has dulce de leche as filling and they are beautifully wrapped in crepe paper. I really want those in my wedding party.

Re: Individual wedding cake in CO

  • Interesting!  I studied abroad in Brazil and never heard of these, but it sounds really fun.  :)  I don't know where might have these BUT I would ask around.  Maybe start with Brazilian restaurants like Fogo de Chao and places like that?  You could also talk to bakeries and see if they could just make them for you based on the recpie.  I know that Le Central in Denver does sponge cake for wedding cakes so they might easily be able to do something like this.  Good luck!
  • well, those cakes are made exclusively for weddings. it's a traditional way to wish happiness to the couple and at the same time, the most wished cake from the attendants. it's really a must have. 
    as it's going to be a intimate wedding, i've been thinking on making them myself if i can't find a bakery. 
    i'll have to check this bakery out, thank you for the help
  • I recommend talking to Paula Thomas of Teacup Shop Bakery in Denver.  I bet she could make them for you!  She's awesome!
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