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 I was in LOVE with Shove Chapel in Colorado Springs.  I visited the chapel and called Linda, manager, on a Wednesday and left a voicemail.  Her voicemail said that she was not in the office until Friday but that she would check her voicemail before that.  I did not recieve a call back until Friday afternoon.  I had called on Friday morning and she did not answer.  When I did finally talk to her, the price that she gave me was really high for only 3 hours.  She told me that I could decorate any way that I wanted except for any flower petals on the ground "put there accidentally or not".  She was extermely rude.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt and let it go. Who knows, maybe she was having a really bad day.   I called again on monday morning to tell her that my fiance and I wanted to go with that church but I had some questions.  She said that "all my questions would be answered with what she had to say", then proceeded to give me all of the contract details.  When my questions were not answered she said "well then ask them if you must".  I asked her if the flowers on the stone aisle was a clean up thing and she told me VERBATIM:  "L ook, If you are so determined to have rose petals then you should just find some place else to have your ceremony. I will not allow it"   The rest of the conversation went a lot like that. She was extremely rude, took her sweet time returning calls, and is not  worth adding the stress to a already stressful time.  As beautiful as it was, the church is WAY overpriced to be there for only 3 hours and be treated badly during what is supposed to be a happy time. 
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