Outdoor Fall Wedding in Mountains?

We're pretty set on a venue but are still trying to pick a date. We're going to get married in Aspen, with the reception at the Little Nell and the ceremony on their wedding deck at the top of the mountain. The ceremony site is just over 11,000 feet in elevation (!). I've lived in CO for a few years now and know that the weather can be all over place, regardless of the time of year.

With that in mind, how crazy would it be to have the wedding the first weekend of October, on 10/6/13? The other two dates we have in mind are 6/30/13 and 7/28/13. 

For reasons I won't get in to (family and work issues), the 10/6/13 date is looking more and more appealing. I also like the idea of getting married in October because that's the same month we started dating and already celebrate our 'anniversary'. 

How crazy would it be to have an outdoor wedding at that elevation in early October? It's going to be a very short ceremony with less than 35 people, so we could buy umbrellas for everyone and have them ready just in case. 

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