Hi all! I'm new here!

Good afternoon, Colorado folks! My name is Amy, and I am new to The Knot. My fiancé and I got engaged about three weeks ago on a trip to San Francisco. Yay! :-) We met online, and we've now been together a little over a year.

We're paying for our wedding ourselves. We're planning on a fairly long engagement so we can do all of things that we want to do and have time to save and plan. Plus, my mother is completing her second round of chemotherapy sometime in the summer so she won't be ready for any festivities until after that point. We're shooting for the fall of 2014.

Any recommendations on great places to get married and great ways to save money would be welcome!

Re: Hi all! I'm new here!

  • Hey Amy! Im Kayla. I am sorry to hear about your mother. I will be wishing her the best. Congratulations on the engagment. My fiance and I have had a longer enagment them most. By the time we get marries in april 2014 we will have been engaged for 2 1/2 years. I live in northen colorado and there are a lot of beautiful venues here. I also know of a lot of great ones in the denver area. I am not sure what part of colorado you are in though.
  • Congrats! I know you and your mom will have fun planning the wedding when she fully recovers! (Sorry to hear of her illness) If your looking to have a budget friendly venue in the Denver area, check with the denver city parks. Many of their venues are quite large and can do both cermony and reception. They average roughly $600 or so for rental. Each is a little different. Only catch is that many are only available during the summer months and the most popular places require waiting in line to see if they are available for your wedding day. This didn't work for us, but found the Grant Humphries Mansion in capital hill to be really reasonable, and they include chairs and tables, no extra fees for ceremony in addition to the reception. Also, again if your in the Denver metro area, go to the denver visitor bureau. They provide free planning assistance, they go as far as to help with contacting local vendors and securing hotel blocks for out of town guests. It has been a life saver for me! Hope this helps!

    Congrats and best wishes!!
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    Congratulations!  I'm sorry to hear about your mom, however wishing her a speedy recovery and plenty of downtime helping you plan.

    Fortunately, we live in a state that has many beautiful venues. 

    I am planning my wedding to take place July of 2014.  We are also budget conscious and paying for it ourselves.  I have looked at several venues.  It sounds like you haven't set a specific date, but the nice thing is that there are plenty of venues that only charge a food & beverage minimum if you book on a weekday with them.  Good thing to know, when trying to plan a wedding on a budget. 

    We just booked with Black Bear Golf Club in Parker, CO.  We are working with Stacey there, she is AMAZING!  We booked there because it's a beautiful venue, but we also wanted to work with someone that was honest and open about all the costs that we might need to be prepared for.  We looked at a few other venues, but loved this one.  Photographers and DJ's sometimes charge a lower rate for weekday weddings also, so if it's something you could might want to consider.  We are booking Greg Roe of Roe Photography for our wedding.  He does engagement sessions, which we are planning on using one of the pictures for Save the date. 

    Vista Print has tons of invitations and matching save the dates for an affordable price, which is nice.  Amanda's Bridal in Arvada, offers discounts on bridal party clothing if you purchase your dress there.  They have all the really great designer dresses available, but also the affordable dresses from those same designers.

    Feel free to message me anytime though, I'm Adrienne.  I love "love" and wouldn't mind helping you brainstorm or send you some of the information I've already gotten from places. 

    Good luck and best wishes!
  • Hi, 

    Check out this Pinterest board I made of Colorado wedding venues:
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