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Outdoors in September?

I haven't lived here much over a year, but plan to get married late summer/early fall. Originally we wanted an outdoor wedding, but would the second or third week in September be too risky? I plan on finding a venue with a larger pavilion for the guests rergardless, so precipitation is less of a worry, just temperature.
What do you think?

Re: Outdoors in September?

  • LesPaulLesPaul
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    Depends where you are.  September can be very iffy - beautiful 70* or snow.  Or, more likely in September are afternoon thunderstorms (especially in the mountains).  And, you won't know until 2-3 days before what the reliable forecast will be.  As long as you have a solid indoor backup plan you will be fine.  We had to move my daughter's June 15 birthday party indoors once because of snow, so you never know what Colorado weather will bring.
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    I got married on the 19th of Sept. last year and the weather was PERFECT, but it is definetly hit or miss. Definetly have a plan B.
    FWIW-September is usually the least rainy month of the year :-)
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    Oh Heck, it snowed in Aspen on the Fourth of July a few years back.  LOL.  I don't remember it, but plenty of my co-workers do.  I agree w/ the pp, September's just risky.  Gorgeous, but risky.Cool
  • adamandsarajoadamandsarajo
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    I agree with the others - it's risky having an outdoor wedding here in CO in September, especially if it's in the high country. I was born and raised here, and over the years, the weather has proved to go anywhere from beautiful and 70 degrees to blizzard. Of course, that's kinda true for almost any month here! :)
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    I guess I should clarify that I am in Colorado Springs, so not up in the highlands. Last year in September it was still lovely through most of the month with a surprise snowstorm the last weekend. It just tends to be so much more affordable with just a pavilion too...
  • skiingstarkskiingstark
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    I was married in Sept, 6th. I had Sun, Clouds, Rain and Hail all on my wedding day. Hehe, luckily the showers are short normally and you can just wait it out. Always have a plan B though. With my wedding we would go out for pics, then when it started to rain or hail we went inside to wait it out. Got a few less pics then I wanted but it did not rain during the ceremony and the sun even came out right on us when we walked down the aisle, everyone said it was the coolest thing they ever seen. So just be flexible. :)
  • brew311brew311
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    I went to 3 weddings late last September and the one in town was fine.  It was late and I needed a light jacket over my dress, but it turned out to be a beautiful sunset.  The two in the high country were very unpredictable, but both turned out sunny/warm at ceremony time.  I'm also getting married 9.18 and we will be outdoors.  It's a risk worth taking.   Plus our venue has not only an inside option, but a pavillion as well.  I say go for it!



  • benandmegginbenandmeggin
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    We're getting married September 19th of this year outside of Estes.  I have been to many September weddings and they have all been beautiful.  There is always a chance of an afternoon shower in the mountains, but as long as you have a plan B or can wate 30-45 min for it to pass then you'll be fine. 
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