Catering?! Please help! Estes Park

Hey, all. I'm not really ever on this board, but I'm desperate to find a good-- cheap-- catering in Estes Park. We're looking to stay around 20 bucks a person. Any ideas?! 

Thanks so much! 

Re: Catering?! Please help! Estes Park

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    I would maybe see if there are Boulder/Denver places that would deliver out there.  For example, places like Brothers BBQ, West End traveling smoker, etc.  If you're looking for a more traditional catering service (ie not bbq/comfort food type options served with disposable plates), it's going to be really hard to keep your catering budget to $20/person.  I've found that food prices are generally $20-$30/person for traditional catering service but then rentals/service doubles that.  

    If you haven't already booked your venue, a great/cheaper option might be the YMCA at Estes.  You have to do catering through them but their rates are very reasonable (like $20-$25/person) and then you just have tax and gratuity on top of that, not rentals/labor per hour.  

    Good luck!  Feel free to message me if you have any questions.  I spent a lot of time researching options in Estes/Boulder/Denver.  :)
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    Food Trucks are a great option! Not sure if they are able to make the drive up there, but Manna From Heaven Gourmet Food Truck is a delicious and healthy choice! They serve Vietnamese-Inspired Cuisine for drive-thru prices, and let me tell ya... their food is the BEST street food in Denver! Check out their HUMUNGOUS menu... and then contact them! They're my favorite truck...

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    I suggest

    They are located in Estes and they are affordable.  

    If you want Italian I would recommend:
    Very affordable and the owner is wonderful.
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