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Aspen Parks

So we are looking to get married in aspen, make it a destination wedding for all of our guest...because we are interfaith we are not wanting to do it with a religious officiant nor in a church and because we are on a budget...lil neil and a few other sites are not an option as most start at $1500 or more in cost to reserve them and at those places we are still require to rent our own chairs.....

so since a park would be cheaper and since regardless of if it was at lil neil or a park we would still have to rent chairs which would had cost on top of reserving the ceremony location... so we decided to look into having it a park where reserving would cost much less.

I looked at a few aspen parks and they look beautiful and to be outside surrounded by mountains and the beauty of nature just for the ceremony  is what we are planning and would love and to have the guest then go to a reception at one of the local hotels is an ideal...

I've looked at parks but I would like one that would allow for this type of set up...

would anyone have a suggestion of a good park in aspen....

I was thinking tot lot park, or glory hole but on the parks & rec sites I can't see pictures for a few other like library plaza so I was wondering if anyone knows about the other parks... *I wanted maroon bells* but the FI is inviting the universe and maroon bells only allows 65 guest.. :(

so other suggestion would be helpful. 

thanks :)

Re: Aspen Parks

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    Posted to you in the CO-DENVER thread. I'm thinking of a park, and I can't remember the name!  But it's just a neat little park- has a stream running through it too..  Street names are a pain in the butt too.  Glory hole park seems nice, but I'm wondering if it'd be a little small for what you want to do.  Wagner park, in the center of town would probably allow for the set up, but surrounded by traffic on all sides of that park, well.....
    I'd contact the parks and recreation dept.  Give them some time to get back to you though, Aspen is in full on tourist/ ski season right now, and I can tell ya, it's busy!

    Parking in Aspen though, that will be your issue. It's not free, And during on seasons... forget it!  The parking garage is your friend!. .

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    thanks spaje...you I responded to you and now you've answer my question...I think Tot Lot park or Herron might be a better choice...Glory Hole was closer to one of the hotels I set a room block up at for guest but the other seems to have open space and that is what I really want.

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