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HELP! : Target tea light lanterns...

I'm desperately seeking the little tea light lanterns that Target had in their dollar section this past week. I bought my Target out, and called the closest ones, and they just had the pink ones left. They were super cute little lanterns, in the dollar section. It comes in pink, green, and clear. I'm looking for clear ones. 

Please please please check your local target and let me know as I've called a bunch, and if they still have them - it's only pink! :-( 

Does anyone know of a target that doesn't get a lot of traffic, or is in an area that the lanterns wouldn't appeal to the local population?? I'm desperate. I've bought 11, and I would like at least 9 more.

Thank you!

Re: HELP! : Target tea light lanterns...

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    Call the one in Glenwood Springs CO!  I've bought alot of the Greens, now all I see are the pinks!  They had a bunch of them out just yesterday!  I love these thingy's!Surprised  I did see some clear ones not too long ago.  (I just realized after I re read your post that you wanted the clear.)  The other thing they have - VASES!  Small, Clear vases, which might work just as well for what  you're wanting.  (dollar bins as well.)

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    I called the one in Glenwood on Monday, after thoroughly confusing the poor woman who picked up the phone - she found that they still had some pink ones. My only hope is that they decide that they were such a good seller that they sell the clear ones again before August 2011....thanks for looking! They ARE cute tho aren't they?!
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    They're awesome.  FI and I are making lamps out of them for our tables.  Since our colors are blue and green... the green ones worked nicely. and at a buck a pop...OMG!  Sorry they didn't have any of the clear ones.  I know I saw some not too long ago, and debated it myself.Cool    I'm assuming you tried the one in GJ?  I 'm not too crazy about their dollar bins as Glenwood tends to have more, but sometimes they have the same things...just different colors and styles.  Perhaps take a look at the little tag on  the ones you already bought, and then try to find the website if you get desperate. 
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