Granby Ranch/ Sol Vista Basin wedding

I am in need of help.  My fiance and I really fell in love with the Granby Ranch/ Sol Vista Basin area.  They have a very complete wedding package but there is hardly anything review-wise online.  Have any of you known anyone who has gotten married there or have you tied the knot there? 

I'd love to get some opinions on what works there/ what doesn't ...any tips from past brides at that location would be great. 


Re: Granby Ranch/ Sol Vista Basin wedding

  • Just looking for ideas
  • My fiance and I had the same issue - we fell in love with the location and the package prices, but we didn't find anything review-wise online either. It seems they've only just recently started doing weddings there. We went ahead and took the plunge and booked with them for this August despite the lack of reviews. If you can wait til August I can tell you more about it after!
  • Sharipradron...
    I am so excited that I have a 'partner in lack of venue knowledge crime' :)  I am dying to know everything.  What works/what doesn't.  How the food is.  Any tips so far.  I really hope we can keep in touch.  Let me know if I can help in any way!

  • Hi, I just found a review recently posted about Granby Ranch chair lift weddings:

    I hope this helps!  
  • Does anyone happen to know what their prices are like? I am absolutely in love with everything I see online about the venue, but haven't heard back from them with venue pricing info yet. I'd be interested to know what you all have found out. Thanks ahead of time!
  • The pricing is way less than the big ski arears, which is what attracted us so much to their venue. They have very customized service too
  • I just responded to this above.  Good luck ladies.
  • Hi there,

    I'm having my wedding there next year.  You're right, there are not a lot of reviews, etc but that is due to it being a new wedding venue.  To get a good feel of how it looks without visiting, I've just been Googling "Granby Ranch Wedding" and looking through photographers blogs. 

    This site gives a good feel of the ceremony site but I don't think it does the reception area justice.

    This gives a great idea of the reception area but they didn't have the reception there:

    It really is beautiful and Teresa Hill is great to work with over there.  As far as prices, it's reasonable.  Obviously you pay more for liquor and if you want a plated meal versus buffet.  The ceremony and reception site together are $4,500 and then you go from there with food and drink.

    I too would like to know tips from past brides.  But it is just beautiful and I'm so excited to have my big day there!

  • Sorry, I meant they didn't have their ceremony there on the Erin Davenport blog.
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