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Loveland marriage license

I think I read a few weeks back that a marriage license is fancier from Loveland.  I am not seeing any evidence of this, but I thought I'd ask.  I am also wondering if this applies to the marriage certifiate.

Does it make a difference where the license is purchased or where it is returned?  We can easily get ours in Loveland and used the Loveland postmark for our invites.  Does it make a difference?


Re: Loveland marriage license

  • My license has the county name, not the city name.  The only place the city comes in is if that's where you're getting married.

  • Thanks, there is an officiant in the area who advertises special licenses that say that they are from the sweetheart city.  We will not have an officiant and can choose from one of three cities to buy it from.  We aren't in Loveland all that often, but aren't that far either.  I couldn't find anything about it on the county sites, just that there is an office in Loveland and that processing the certificate can take longer there.

    Thanks for the response!
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