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I'm looking for a venue in Ft Collins, Co for as little money as possible and I'm currently seriously considering Club Tico. I'm just wondering if anyone out there has been to or a had a wedding reception at this location? I want to get a feel for how to decorate the space and see what other people's experiences were.

Here's a brochure from the website in case any of the pictures spark a memory:

Thank you!

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  • We had our wedding reception there this past July with minimal decorations- it's such a lovely, affordable, convenient space! We LOVED it! If you google Club Tico fort collins weddings, I think there are some photos of another couple who had their actual wedding and reception there. We had our wedding outside in the pavilion and just hung white tulle and some flowers. We put plastic table cloths on the picnic tables and used them as seating, as well as rented some nicer chairs for family to sit in up front. I highly recommend it! 
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    I was just googling Club Tico and saw this question and thought I'd chime in since I just photographed a wedding there a couple of weeks ago.  The space is really large and the wood floors + round ball lights give it a modern feel.  I like all of the rounded archways there as well.  The only downside I noticed is that the whole back of the room is fairly unphotogenic because of all of the bulletin boards with fliers on them/stacks of tables etc... so I just avoided photographing in that direction when possible.
    Here is the blog sneak peek for the wedding from a couple of weeks ago:

    I did a little write up of the space here too:

    Hope that helps anyone who is looking for more photos/info about the space!
    I'm a professional wedding photographer who FINALLY got engaged and get to have my own dream wedding:)
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