Outdoor wedding tips (Glenwood Springs/Carbondale area)? anything can help

We're going to have a wedding in a backyard. We're lucky to have some mountains in one side and a river in the other one. The wedding may be between May and September (we're just waiting for a reply from our families - we're trying to have everyone). 
anyway.... it's a pretty big backyard but i'm wondering about the weather and the need of a tent/tents. should i worry about the possibility of rain?
i'm thinking on having rows of chairs in front, and the tables ready for dinner in the back. so the idea is to use the same chairs during diner and the "empty" space can turn out to be a dance floor. anyone tried this before?? how it worked?
anyone has advice about food/florist/photographer?

Re: Outdoor wedding tips (Glenwood Springs/Carbondale area)? anything can help

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    My caterer told me, that even if there is a slight slight chance of rain, you should have a tent.  Even if it doesn't actually rain very much during the wedding, if it sprinkles at all during the setup, all your plates and glassware will have water spots on them.  I eventually caved and got a tent.  Even though there wasn't a speck of moisture on my wedding day, I'm glad I didn't take the risk.  Having a tent also allowed for easy installation of overhead lighting.

    I'm also a wedding planner on the side, and did the very thing you are talking about for a wedding in 2010 (chairs in front, tables in back for dinner).  We had a pretty small area to work with and 150+ guests, and so we couldn't actually fit that number of free standing chairs AND the tables.  So think about the size of space you have (we ended up putting chairs up front for immediate family and other guests sat at the table).  Also recruit some manly types to move the chairs once the ceremony is over - its easier if you have the bar open and hors d'oeuvres passed while the chairs are moved.

    I can't recommend floral or catering options in Glenwood, as I live in Denver and have only vacationed there.  But my husband is a photographer and I might as well throw his name out there:
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    thank you for your help. for right now we've decided to keep a eye in the weather forecast and if we get any possibility of rain on that month, we'll be using the tent. 
    As our wedding it's going to be in the morning, we're not worried with extra lightening. at least until we make up our minds about the photographer as we know he/she may ask for it. 
    we do have a big backyard and we're thinking on a 100 guests more or less; but nothing more then 150. it's our wish to keep everything in one place, instead of two different areas. 
    thank you again about the photographer website :) we'll contact him soon.
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    Good luck!  Glenwood Springs is a beautiful area, should make for a lovely wedding :)
  • Yes, get a tent. It rains in the summer.
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