Greenbriar Inn Warning

The Greenbriar Inn, located outside of Boudler, provided an absolutely beautiful ceremony site and a fantastic reception.  The chef was amazing and the servers were outstanding (even bring me appetizers from the coctail hour because they knew I missed it taking pictures!)
However, there was a major misunderstanding concerning our alcohol budget.  The situation quickly escalated and the way in which it was handled was not only unprofessional but quite insulting.
The misunderstanding could have been reconciled in a quick and agreeable manner, but in my opinion, I believe that this is not the first time a 'misunderstanding' has taken place.
Be very specific about your wishes and follow up with head server, bartender, manager and owner if possible BEFORE your event.  In my opinion the coordinator seems overwhelmed and perhaps unable to fully accomodate specific events. 

Re: Greenbriar Inn Warning

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    I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with them regarding the alcohol situation, Sarah.  I've worked a few weddings there and have never seen any similar issues, but I'll be sure to warn future brides to spare them any potential headaches.

    I'm glad the rest of your wedding sounds like it went off beautifully!  Has it all sunk in yet?
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