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We are getting ready to order our invitations but having trouble figuring out when to have the rsvp date back on the card. We have to give the final count a month before the wedding (april 14th) and can't change anything after that. We are going to send them out the first week of march so alittle over 2 months do you think that is enough time for the RSVP? Thoughts and opinions please.
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Re: RSVP date help

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    My wedding is April 30th and I am asking for RSVP's to be back on April 2nd..

    so for yours I would Say March 17th would be about 4 weeks before..
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    Where did you get the RSVP count ticker?
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    Four weeks is technically proper, but I chose 5 weeks because my caterer also requires a final head count a month out, and that will give me a week to follow up with anyone I may not have heard from. The general rule is, if you do not hear from someone by the RSVP date, and you call and still cannot get a hold of them, you can conclude that they are not coming to the wedding. It's always good to have a few extra plates though just in case someone shows up! Hope this helps!
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