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Help please!!! My Photographer went missing at the last minute!!!

O.k., so my fiance and I were going to get married at the justice of the peace, until our parents had a hissy fit, so we are now getting married this Sunday April 10th. We have been planning for months on an extremely small budget, and I found a photographer via craigslist that said he would do it for $200 for the whole day with an image cd.
Well, it is now LESS THAN A WEEK, before my wedding and I cannot get a hold of him through email or phone. I am freaking out! I only set aside $200 for photography because I thought I was set, and now this happens!!
If anyone knows a photographer in the colorado springs area, even a student, who can work within this budget PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know! I am desperate! I know I may not get as much time, but I'd like SOME pictures of my wedding at least!!
Thank you so much for your help!

Re: Help please!!! My Photographer went missing at the last minute!!!

  • mizjodimizjodi member
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    Oh dear! Call the local campus for suggestions perhaps?
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    agree with pp
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  • ThautThaut member
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    Please email me! [email protected]  ! Our photographer is awesome!!  Such a sweet girl! She has nothing this weekend and would def work with your budget plus paying for her gas probably !i have her phone number and all! if you look at my pictures, she took them.  She has other work she can show you also, but last minute I promise she takes great pictures and will take a bunch! 

  • sdyane123sdyane123 member
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    Contact Judith Kimbrell at PPCC she is a photo proff there and she may be able to get you in touch with an intern or a student for a great price.  Good luck! 
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    Contact my fiance at chasehoffman.com - he might be able to do it.  Ask him for a quote for the number of hours you need.  He always includes the disc of images for his weddings. Good luck!! :)
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