Colorado-ish Ideas Needed Please!

Hi Ladies!I'm getting married in Colorado, and my fiance and I live here but we will have many guests traveling from out of the state to be at our wedding. I would like to make welcome bags for them and include some "Colorado" things in them. So far we have:sunscreen (we get lots of sun and are much closer to it than many other places so it's easy to burn here)water (altitude = drink lots of water to avoid altitude sickness)That's pretty much it that I've thought of to tie back to "Colorado"...any other ideas?I really appreciate the help ladies!Erin

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    I think it depends on where in CO you live... if you live in the Rockies... Rocky mtn. choc. factory.. or anything mountainish.. if you're a sports fan... anything tied into The Rockies or Broncos (although, I am not a fan of either- nor a sports fan myself)  If you live on the western slope... there's a lot of wineries out there!  Eastern plains... I'm not exactly I'm on the opposite side....
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    You have a good start! Maybe Palisade peaches? I would put advil in there (another altitude sickness thing). A Colorado postcard? We go to Savory spice shop a lot, so that's a very Colorado thing for us. You could also make a list of fun Colorado activities in your town/city. Brainstorm all of the things that really make you think of our great state and see if you can transform those into ideas for the gift bags.
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    Even postcards would be fun to include or Micro Brews?
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    I agree w/ micro brews if you or they are drinkers! Or wine!
    I'm doing this for my out of town guests too! I'm doing water, ibuprofren, beer, enstroms candy (out of grand junction), postcard, info around town....
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    Omg! I forgot about Enstroms, and the Peaches out of Palisade!  This may be a tacky thing.. but the Olathe Corn is delish!  Cheap and sweet!  (okay, not the best thing for a welcome bag...but) 

    Your question inspired me to take it to my "wedding month" board - to see what "outsiders" would hope to see... a couple mentioned the brews, and one mentioned Celestial seasonings (tea) and Chocolate.  (personally, I didn't know that that tea was a CO thing- but she said it was made here... I'd check it out... I like that tea!)

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    Definitely check out the tea. Celestial Seasonings gives tours of their factory in Boulder and they have a great gift shop. I just love their peppermint room - it smells wonderful!
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    I think all of your ideas are wonderful! Remembering back to my brother's wedding, they did water, chocolate, asprin,(from what we learned it works better than advil, but some are allergic to it), and I believe they put in small bottles of wine as well.

    Best of luck!
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    Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas, ladies!!! I love them!!! 

    atropos557 - the peppermint room at Celestial Seasonings is AMAZING!!! My Mom and I could have stayed in that room all day!
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    depending on where your wedding in colorado is..something you can do that is FREE is include a tourism guide magazine

    this one is for Denver

    Usually you can call the office and tell them how many you want and they will mail them to you. I am getting some for Winter Park/Grand Country area.


    a list of reccomended activities and resturants would be nice if you don't have a guide.
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