Priest for civil ceremony?? Boulder area

Hi! I am catholic and my fiance is well.. nothing, agnostic he says.
I was told that a priest can do a civil ceremony (I am not from the states so I am not quite familiar with how all that works with our religions being different).... If so, does someone know a good priest that could perform the ceremony?? How do I look for them? Sorry to ask this but I am lost!

Re: Priest for civil ceremony?? Boulder area

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    Maybe you could call some of the Catholic churches in your area, explain the situation, and ask if they would be willing to perform the service in a nondenominational manner, assuming that doesn't offend anyone involved. Otherwise there are places such as who have ministers on staff who will provide civil weddings.

    It isn't much but I hope it helps?
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    As CClemmer stated, call some Catholic churches.

    I am no longer a practicing Catholic, but if memory serves, there are pre-cana (marriage classes) involved prior to getting married, and I know it used to be that you both had to be Catholic. I know my mom had to convert, but that was a million years ago.

    Pretty sure about the pre-cana stuff. Don't know how your FI would feel about having to sit through those if he is agnostic.

    Good luck.
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    In the US, practicing Catholic priests are not ever to perform a wedding outside of the church, but they will marry you in the church even though your DF is not Catholic.  Happens all the time.
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