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I'm new to posting even though I've gained so much info from lurking.

My wedding is in 24 days !! and I'm now tasked with choosing the two kegs we'll have at our reception. We are CO natives who LOVE local brews I went to CSU in Ft Collins but many of our guests I imagine are more of the Coors Light crowd...

Here's my question: We are hosting a full bar with liquor, beer wine, but the ONLY beer we'll offer is from two kegs, which beers should we choose? I was thinking one "domestic" one colorado microbrew, but I don't know which variety would be most palatable to most guests.

Thanks for the help!

Ps I love New Belgium but am not a fan of Fat Tire sacreligous, I know! So I'd rather not have that if I can avoid it!

Re: Reception beer

  • if you love new belgium and not fat tire I would do sunshine wheat if you can get that in kegs. Budweiser instead of coors may be another option to look into since they own a brewery in FC as well.
  • Since you are a CO native, I would look into a keg of Colorado Native. It is an amber that is brewed in Colorado and is only available in Colorado. You can get it at most Colorado lq stores now. Check it out.

  • Fat Tire sucks. I'd say Colorado Native too. It's an easy drinking beer and has a great story. Have you checked out Odell? I'm getting 4 kegs from there. Fort Collins Brewery has an awesome chocolate stout too. It kind of depends what the breweries have in a keg at the time.

    Yeah, beer!
  • Sunshine wheat is a great, easy drinking beer for folks who would tend to want a "domestic".  Then for something more adventurous, Breckenridge Vanilla Porter is AWESOME on tap.  mmmmm.  Odell has some good beers as well, and I also highly recommend Ska brewing in Durango- their IPA rocks.
  • What a fun topic! ;-) My FI is a Colorado native and a microbrew connessieur. Many reception venues only offer limited bottled beer so we found somewhere that would bring in the beers we wanted. 

    Anyway, I would second the posts above about Colorado Native and add that Great Divide also has a wonderful keg selection. Collette Farmhouse Ale and Hades are two of their crowd pleasers and my favorites. Here's a list of all their beers, outlining which ones come in kegs:

    Another choice is Avery brewing out of Boulder. White Rascal and Karma are two favs there. You can get kegs from their brewery.

    It's great you're going to introduce your guests to some real Colorado treats! 
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