The Margarita at Pine Creek in Colorado Springs

Has anyone been to a wedding here or gotten married here? I'm expecting approx 150 guests and though their site says they can accomodate up to 140 people, they seem to think they can do more with a tent set up in the field behind the restaraunt. Its a beautiful place and the food is wonderful, but I haven't been able to find much in the way of reviews. Does anyone have any insight?

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    I am getting married there in June, they told me they could do 135 outside only without a tent on the lawn, so I bet they could accomadate more with the added tent.  

    I am really excited about having the wedding there.  The only cons are; the coordinator isn't super proactive, she said she would get back to me on some details but I have always had to follow up.  Also, they don't do cake tastings... something about each cake being specially made... which I kinda think is Bs.. 

    But the food is awsome, the setting is gorgeous, they include a bunch of stuff most places charge for, and they are so flexible with your needs and budget.

    I will do a full review after it's all said and done.  

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    Thanks for the feedback! My parents got married there almost 30 years ago, so I hope it works out for us!
  • We hope that your day was special-thanks for letting us be a part of it! We pride ourselves on being one of the few unique spots for a wedding in Colorado Springs. In response to your cake tasting, its true, ALL cakes are made the day of the wedding. We don't believe in holding samples in a freezer like most bakeries do, in fact all our food is made from scratch and to order to ensure that you and your guests are given the best.  We are primarily a restaurant where we do more catering than baking of wedding cakes, however, we are fortunate enough that we can supple both.  As stated before, we hope that the memory of your wedding day was as you imagined!
    ~The Margarita
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