Where can I get a garter? Also a few other items...

Our wedding is next Friday and I was on the fence about the garter, but I am thinking that my groom would like it even though we are not having a traditional reception.  Is there anywhere in Fort Collins or Windsor where I might find one?  My preference would be pink.

I am also interested in options for a last-minute dress.  Mine is in the range of tea-length and that is what I would prefer if mine ends up being a complete disaster - yesterday's fitting left me less than convinced. :(  Obviously, it will be off-the-rack with no alterations and I'd prefer not to spend a fortune.  My dress delivery is tomorrow, but I am trying to prepare so that I can be relaxed and comfortable.

The forecast is uncertain, but I would love to grab a few large unbrellas with hooks.

Finally, I found out he would have fun wearing bride and groom t-shirts.

I'd love your help with any of these items.

Re: Where can I get a garter? Also a few other items...

  • I would look at Hobby Lobby and Joanna's I have seen some there. If you are crafty and have about a spare hour you could also just make your own garter-that is what I am doing it is not too difficult (found a tutorial on youtube). 

    Dress I would go to Dora Grace I know Timiry had some great dresses off the rack. That is the bridal boutique where my dress is coming from and she was amazing to work with. 

    Umbrella's I am  not postive on-I ordered some off of this website:

    T-shirts I would check micheals (i got cute ring bearer and flower girl shirts), hobby lobby, and joanna's. 

    Good Luck with your wedding and have fun

  • Thanks, Erin.  Fun!!!  That is the part I have to remember for myself and my fiance!!!  Thank you!  And, making my garter would be fun.  I will look for a tutorial and the supplies.  The dress was getting its final touches today so I will know tomorrow morning if I want to run to a dress shop and take a glance.  Not sure what went wrong, but the wheels sort of fell off of this wedding party in the last few days.  Better now than next Friday, though.

    You have been so helpful and the e-mail didn't come this time, but I want to say thank you.
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