Small Reception in Estes Park, Loveland, or Fort Collins

I'm trying to find somewhere affordable in either Estes Park, Loveland, or Fort Collins to have a very small reception. I don't want a traditional reception, we are only going to have about 20 people and i want it to be more like a big family dinner. I'm looking for a restaurant in one of these towns that has a private dining room for large parties. Can anyone recommend somewhere I should check out?

Re: Small Reception in Estes Park, Loveland, or Fort Collins

  • Fort Collins - Bisetti's (Italian), Moot House (steak), Canyon Chop House (steak)
    Estes Park - Black Canyon Inn, Historic Crag's Lodge (summer only)
  • Estes-Bristol Cone inn this is where we are doing our rehersal dinner, Ed's Cantina has a private room

    Fort Collins-armidillo, chop house, austins, it is not a restaurant but my freind did her rehersal at armstrong hotel in downtown. 
    Loveland-bonefish, bonell building
  • Our reception is happening at Rodizio in Fort Collins.  They have a small party room that is supposed to hold 50 people, but 20 seems like the perfect size for an intimate dinner there.  Our guests are really excited, too.
  • Black Canyon Inn in Estes would be beautiful.  We're doing our large reception there but they have 3 rooms: Main dining, garden room, and loft.  20 people in the loft would be awesome!  Separated and a fireplace up there.  
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  • There was a very cute winery on the way up to estes park coming from Denver area I believe it was called Rocking River Winery.  It was super cute looking we just drove by it and I was interested in having my wedding there, but I think it only holds up to 50 people.  It has a little creek and rustic feel to it, I would definetely check it out.
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    definitely check with the ymca of the rockies in Estes. They have beautiful ceremony sites and a room that looks like a little family style restaraunt except it will be private for you! Also their prices can't be beat if you're on a budget
  • Jay's in Fort Collins
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