Durango, CO - wedding hair and makeup

I'm getting married in Durango, Colorado this June and can't decide whether to hire a professional hair and make up person or go to a salon (for both me and my bridesmaids). I'm not familiar with any salons and wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations in the area? 


Re: Durango, CO - wedding hair and makeup

  • Depends on what your style and budget is---- probably the most highly recommended salon in Durango is Lemonhead.  It has a more funky side-- there are several elegant salons associated with day spas or resorts in the area which tend to be well-reviewed but pricey. Depending on where you are staying and where the wedding is held you may want to try to go to a place on one end of town or the other. We have an AVEDA salon and many of the higher-end hotels in town have a salon or two that will "visit" or that they recommend that is within walking distance, ect.

    If your venue is a hotel or resort or you have a bridal suite in one of the nicer or downtown hotels for the day of, call the hotel or whoever you've been coordinating with at the resort and ask them who they work with. Your photographer (if from Durango) may also know who has worked with other brides in the past, especially if he or she does "getting ready" shots.

    I would give you the name of my stylist (I live in the area), but she runs a 1-person shop and I don't believe she does wedding hair anymore. Other than that I can't recommend a person specifically for weddings as I am not planning to get married in the area.
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