Recommendation on Day of Coordination for you Knotties


I just wanted to pass along a well deserved review and suggestion of a gal I recently worked with.  She is a 'Day Of Coordinator' and she was a LIFE SAVER.  Totally calm, extremely professional and best of all she was budget friendly.  Am I the only one who looked for a DOC...and thought-$1500...that's CRAZY? 

EIther way this gal was used for my sisters wedding as well as a wedding I was a bridesmaid at recently.  I am going to hire her for my own wedding in July as well. 

She is new to the business so she has yet to get a website up and running yet.  But because she is building her portfolio she is (shhhh on the cheap end). 

PM me for her info.  I don't want to publicly give out her info as I haven't asked for permission. 

Us knotties have to help each other out!  Budget is important these days and it's hard to find someone this good under the radar. 

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