Venue help!

Anyone have suggestions for wedding venues on the water? Doesn't necessarily have to be downtown Seattle! Maybe west Seattle, Edmonds, mercer island, Bellevue, etc! We just got engaged a couple weeks ago and finding a reasonable and beautiful venue for around 200 guests for next September isn't easy! At least, for us it hasn't been!

Any tips for staying within a reasonable budget for a big wedding? I thought wedding planning was going to be so fun but I am so stressed out over trying to find a venue we can afford AND love!

Please help! :)

Re: Venue help!

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    Hey Girl! 

    I just got engaged about 3 weeks ago. I found that city owned venues are the cheapest. 

    We are doing the Rosehill Community Center in Mulkiteo, WA. It's $1600 for a 10 hour rental and includes tables, chairs, sound equipment, projecter, staff, etc. Really great deal and has a gorgeous water view. 

    The Mercer Island Community center is around the same price, it's not right on the water though. It is connected to a pretty park that's on the water!

    Hope this helps, and congratulatons! :) i'm working with a $10k budget, so I know it's tough!
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    My venue was on the water and was phenominal, but it was also in Bellingham, so that's probably not helpful to you :/ Either way, google the Bellingham cruise terminal
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    I hear that The Canal is pretty great, and if you get married in an off-month, its even cheaper
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    Thanks all! We will definitely be looking at all of these options!
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