Leavenworth venues?

hey all! My fiance and I are looking for a wedding venue. we live in a really small town
( moses lake) and have a very limited choice of places to get married. so we decided to find a place in Leavenworth. we found a great place called Featherwinds Bed and Breakfast. its about 2300 and includes pretty much everything. But before we completly commit, we were wondering if anyone knows of any other good places in leavenworth that are better :) anyone know of a country,farm, type venue in Leavenworth, Washington that is 2300 or less? thanks!

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    These are the only places I really know about in Leavenworth. I don't know about prices but is beautiful over there :D
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    Here a couple places: Sleeping Lady, Moutain Home, Moutain Springs, Tierra Learing Center, Brown Homestead... Also if you are looking for a photographer Chris Ohta Photography is an amazing couple that capture the day beautifully. 
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    Hi, we're getting married in Leavenworth too! We are having a long weekend at Tierra Retreat Center for 4 days - with a wedding thrown in. So we'll be able to relax, hike, go rafting, horseback riding, etc, with our friends and family.

    It's beautiful and we have the whole place to ourselves - but we bring the caterer in, the drinks, the decorations, everything. So it's a trade-off but we're very excited!

    Good luck!
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    I went and looked at Mountain Springs Lodge. It was SO beautiful! They had a few great lodges for large families to stay in. I am still in love with the aspen tree ceremony site. We have a lot out of out of town family and didn't want tthem to have to fly to seattle and drive that far so it didn't work for us, but it is really spectacular. Its family run and it really makes a difference!
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    You might consider Red Tail Farms. Or check out Www.riversideproperties.org. It is a vacation home that can do a wedding up to 75 people. Good luck.
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