Olympia WA Wedding Advice, Help!

Alright ladies... I am recently engaged, planning a wedding for next summer. My fiance wants to have the wedding in Olympia... which is great. But I am having trouble finding outdoor venues for my reception (we will be getting married @ St. Michael's Church).

Also wondering if anyone has any recommendations as far as hairstylists/makeup artists. I am on a budget...(though NO ONE will tell me what my budget is... Grrr...) and more importantly I know my bridesmaids are as well (and I want them to look fabulous!)

And really, any other suggestions as far as music, where to get my cake... anything that is moderately budget friendly (my fiances parents said they would "help with whatever my parents couldn't pay for..." except that my fiance and I are in charge of paying for our own decorations... but no one will tell me how much they are willing to spend).

Re: Olympia WA Wedding Advice, Help!

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    Since St. Micheael's church is downtown, it limits outdoor venues that are really close. I recomend Priest Point Park. I have been to two weddings there and the space is wonderful. I know that there is a garden in downtown but I have never been there. Could be worth looking into.
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    4th and Brooklyn is a hair salon in Olympia. They are AMAZING! and suprisingly well priced considering I recieved a full hair makeover. There was a sale so I paid 40. But really they were great!
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     If you are planning on having a big wedding, try the Olympic national Park Lodges. There are 4:
    Lake Crescent
    Sold Duc Hot springs
    Lake Quinault Lodge
    Kalaloch Lodge
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