Hotel Bellwether Brides

Hello! Any other Hotel Bellwether (Bellingham) Brides on this board?

We are getting married on September 14th there...just wanted to touch base with anyone else who is working with them!



Re: Hotel Bellwether Brides

  • Hi! I was a Bellingham bride, but not a Bellwether one. THat's where my H proposed, though. :o) (twice) 
    I didn't like how restricted I was with who we could use for vendors which is why we ultimately didn't go with them, but you'll have incredible pictures there! I love all our wedding photos from Bellingham! So beautiful!
  • that's interesting, they haven't restricted us at all!

    We are using Kate Fadden from In Bloom Designs, Ben Bender Photography, Tim Humphrey from Ideal Entertainment and Andra Milage of Let Them Eat Cake!

    The only thing that I've had issues with is they didn't let us know that the hotel was booking up quickly so we ultimately only got 20 rooms blocked out for guests, which is disappointing because more people wanted to stay there than we thought. So, I'm wondering if anyone else had that issue :)

    It is beautiful and we are very excited, glad to hear we'll get great pictures :D

    Glad to see other Bellingham brides :D
  • Yeah, but they make you use their caterer.. And I have been to an event there. Not super impressed with the food. Food was verrrryyy important to H. 

    Andra is AMAZING. She did our cake and it was BEAUTIFUL! Exactly what we wanted in every single way. 

  • Oh sad about the food!

    Our tasting was awesome, the food was fantastic! Hopefully it turns out well for the wedding, food is SUPER important to us too!

    Great to hear about Andra! She is amazing so far. Can't wait!

  • I heard the same about bellwether, which is why I didn't choose that venue but I'm glad to hear it's not so restricted:) two of my friends got married last summer there though and it was BEAUTIFUL!
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