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XP: Honeymoon to Oregon/Washington

Hi ladies!

My FI and I are planning on taking a honeymoon to Washington/Oregon in late September/early October 2012.  I figured you all might be the best source of information, so I decided to ask (if you don't mind too terribly much!)

We are major travelers and have been all over the world, but for this trip, our budget is low (a wedding and FI finishing school) and we don't have much time (he's in the military, and will just be going active duty, so we won't be able to guarantee dates until a few weeks before maximum).  So we decided staying in the US made the most sense, and we've always wanted to see the Pacific Northwest, so I think it will be the perfect honeymoon destination for us!

We are looking for a trip for approximately 2 weeks - we can fly into and out of either Portland or Seattle.  We want to spend a minimum of 2 nights in each location, and an absolute maximum of 4-5 nights.  We don't mind long drives as long as there isn't too much traffic (beautiful scenery is a plus) and we don't mind driving around a lot during the trip.

We like cute B&Bs, not too expensive (under $200/night) and with amazing breakfasts.  We want to basically drive around, stay in B&Bs, go wine tasting & beer tasting, eat delicious food, go hiking, horseback riding, and maybe another adventure - hang gliding, hot air balloon, etc.

Any suggestions?  Must hit sights?  Great B&Bs?  A suggested itinerary?  Tourist traps to avoid?  What are the best wineries and breweries to visit, in your experience and opinion?

Thanks in advance!!!  I've cross-posted to the Washington-Seattle, Washington, & Oregon local boards, so I apologize if you frequent more than one of those!



Re: XP: Honeymoon to Oregon/Washington

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    My fl and I have been up the WA coast a few times and our favortie place to stay is La Push....We love to stay in the cabins!  So romantic!  Our Honeymoon will be a a drive along the coast from WA to CA we are looking forward to seeing all the light houses in OR, which is something I have never seen :)  There is no where you can go that does not have an amazing view....when I was a kid I also stayed at Kalaloch Lodge...its amazing to......follow this link:  http://www.olympicnationalparks.com/accommodations/kalaloch-lodge.aspx?cct_info=1|15832|9798656323|52087794|1876805034|b|16390272714|kw|18470503074|g|||&cct_ver=3&cct_bk=kalaloch%20lodge%20WA&mkwid=sMTuYWadl&crid=16390272714&mp_kw=kalaloch%20lodge%20WA&mp_mt=b&gclid=CKO7z_D9jqwCFRBdhwodUTxLoQ

    That site also has tons of other great places to go!!

    http://www.quileutenation.org/ <-- this is where we stay in La Push!!
    Cynthia Finch
  • Portland, OR....

    Stay in a little B&B in St. Helens, drive into town for some awesome Microbrews. Ride your bike around town, or go hiking on Mt. St. Helens (not where the B&B is). Tour some wineries up the Gorge...

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  • If you plan to stay in Ocean Shores you should also check out the Judith Ann Inn.
  • Bellingham WA is very beautiful and has great scenery, hikes, restaurants and is a small college town situated on the water. It's really close to the Canadian border if you wanted to go up to Vancouver or Victoria Island for a day. Good luck and if you decide on Bellingham, let me know and I can give you more detailed information!
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