April weddings

Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with early april weddings?

We love the cherry blossom trees and they are usually only in bloom the first 2 weeks in april. But i'm nervous about the weather.

From what I can remember of April last year it was pretty nice.

Anything is appreciated!

Re: April weddings

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    One of my best friends got married on April 9th this year. The weather was rainy alllll day up until her wedding started around 530pm and the sun came out for just a little bit.

    I would be nervous planning an April wedding if you are wanting to do it outside b/c the weather is so unpredictable at that time of year. Otherwise, I say go for it :)
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    The unpredictable weather would make me nervous, but as long as you have a backup plan, then it should be fine.  Get married when you want!
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    Thanks! I'm not opposed to moving it but my fiance has his heart set on having it when the flowering trees are in bloom and that's only the first 2 weeks in April.
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    I am having an April 14th wedding, it is inside, but I honestly don't care what the weather does. It'll be gorgeous either way!
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    Our wedding was this past April 2nd and the trees were all still bare.  It was pretty chilly and it drizzled for a few minutes, but nothing more. 
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