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"Simple solutions by Teresa" out of MS does silk wedding bouquets.  See review listed below -- do not use her.

After I ordered, payment was taken right away but no email with confirmation, no order number, no pictures, no updates were given. I called three weeks after the order date because I hadn't heard anything...Teresa said bouquet was going out "next day". I waited several days, and emailed again, asking for a tracking number. She failed to reply that day, looks like because that was the day that she actually sent it, a week after our phone conversation. Flowers were falling off out of the box. The flower part of the calla lillies came unglued and was rolling around in the bottom of the box, stems were falling out and unable to be pushed back into place, and the leaves of serveral flowers were glued together -- unintentionally, through carelessness. Strings of hot glue all over the place. Handle of a WEDDING BOUQUET was a dustpan handle, even had the little hole in case you wanted to hang it up. No ribbon, no hiding it, just white, plastic crap. Flowers were cheap and ugly. Deep red lilies had 8-10 bright orange stems coming out of the center. No picture was sent prior to shipping, as was advertised on her website. If I had seen the mess of this bouquet and the horrendous job of gluing a bunch of flowers to a dustpan, I would not have received the bouquet. Teresa refuses to refund money. Insulted me calling me several coloful names, insulted my fiance, who is from Mexico, by saying "keep your f***ing crackhead foreign boyfriend off of my phone". She hung up on me several times, refusing to refund money, but finally did say "Fine b****, you can have your f******* money back, b****." Save yourself the hassle ladies, don't even bother.

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