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harbor inn catering and conference

Has anyone had their wedding at the Harbor Inn Catering and Conference on the Point Loma sub base or atleast looked at the location. Were going on Aug. 15 but I wanted to know if anyone had any reviews on this location. Thanks!

Re: harbor inn catering and conference

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    There are two venues on the Point Loma sub base: the Harbor Inn Catering and Conference Center and the Oceanview Room. My company had our Christmas party at the HIC&CC a couple of years ago, and it is by far the nicer building of the two locations, though the views leave a bit to be desired IMO. The Oceanview Room, though in a much older building, has breathtaking views that you won't find anywhere else. It just depends what you're looking for. Most people opt for the Oceanview Room because of the uniqueness of location on the very tip of Point Loma, and also for the ability to have a fully outdoor wedding (read: ceremony plus reception). We just got married last month. We'd looked at both of those venues, and opted to go with the Admiral Kidd Club near the airport because it has a much nicer facility and amazing views. It was the best fit for us, and may also be worth looking at while you're shopping around.HTH!
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