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music theme ideas

i'm trying to find ideas to incorporate into my wedding. my fiance is really into music (he plays base) and i love music. but to incorporate both our styles i want musical items such as guitars and such and i'm going to put it with pearls and roses for my little touch, but i can't find any items to fit the musical part.. any ideas on where to start looking??

Re: music theme ideas

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    One place would be your table names - rather than numbers, you can name them after instruments, songs, bands, etc. Check out Oriental Trading Company for actual "prop" items.
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    I've seen bios with people who had guests sign guitars as their guest book ... maybe your FI has an old base you could use and then display?
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    Your Wedding favors could be burnt cds comprised of music that both you and your fiance like.  You can purchases self-designed labels for the CDs online and put them on the CD to fancy them up! Its pretty inexpensive when you break it down.  My sister did this for her wedding and it was a nice and modern approach to wedding favors!
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    I was going to do a music theme but decided not to. My ideas i thought was a backstage pass for your place cards... and music notes on the cake.
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