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Reception site on a budget

Hi everyone! I would love some suggestions as to inexpensive reception sites - someplace that can accomodate between 50 and 65 people for a "cake and punch" brief afternoon reception. My fiance and I would really love to have a "rustic" ceremony/reception venue, like a ranch, barn, or farm. However we are paying for the wedding ourselves and are on a strict budget and have not been able to find someplace of that nature that will allow us to stay within our budget. So, our other idea is to have our ceremony at Luscombs Park at Sunset Cliffs and then move to another location for a reception as described above. I am having trouble finding a place that is NOT geared toward weddings and therefore ridiculously expensive. We just need someplace that will allow us all to gather, serve cake and dessert, take pictures, and hang out with our families for a little while. Any ideas? Should I look into another park site? Where can I look to find such a place? I would love some suggestions because I'm at a loss right now! Thanks everyone. :)
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Re: Reception site on a budget

  • I'm guessing you've probably already looked at the San Diego Parks & Rec site ( I don't have any place in mind, but have you considered the community centers? They might have rooms available for private functions if you want to have your reception indoors. Or, you can get a permit for an outdoor park and set up your reception there as well. 
  • Thanks for the suggestions! Yes, I've looked at the Parks & Rec site, which is how I found Luscombs Park. :) I would consider another San Diego City park for the reception but I'm afraid of what would happen if the weather got nasty - I wouldn't have an indoor option. I like the community center idea... I'll definitely check on that!
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  • Try Women's Clubs (there is one in Bonita, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, La jolla, Chula VIsta etc.) I will be having my wedding reception at the Bonita location. It's a cute little house/ cottage in beautiful Bonita, CA surrounded with a lot of trees which makes it feel as if we were in a forest. I will be having 150 people at my reception. The hall rental is only $95 per hour (minimum 8 hours) PLUS $150 security guard. You can take your own food and beverages (including beer & hard liquor) which only requires you to hire a bartender ($150 more)...OVERALL there is NO beating this price! My fiancee and I went to look at this place today. It's definitely the one...
    Since you're getting married in SUnset cliffs you should definitely look into The Mission Beach location
    La Jolla or 3rd avenue....NOW these halls are AFFORDABLE!!! Google them :)
  • Great suggestion... thank you! I'll check it out. :) 
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  • check out Poway lake.A friend's son was married there.Only draw back with City Parks is curfew time and alcohol.
    Make sure you read and understand what the "rules" are
  • I'm in the same boat as you are- looking for a budget site for a second reception (for those who can'ttravel to the wedding). Let me know who you find?
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