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Vendor Reviews!

These kinds of posts helped me with my wedding planning, so I thought I would write my own. I am so happy with all of my vendors, so no bad reviews here! :)

Photographers: The Sprouting Image  A+++++++
We found these guys online and were drawn to their beautiful images and their sense of humor. Their style is refreshing, they don't just take the same old wedding photos that you have been seeing for years. We got our teaser photos yesterday and I couldn't stop looking at them! (If you want to see a sample of their work, you can check them out www.thesproutingblog.com/east-san-diego-wedding-photographer/" target="_blank" onmousedown="UntrustedLink.bootstrap($(this), "07f0dwbVsrL2lCag3BWVRR5jmYA", event);">http://www.thesproutingblog.com/east-san-diego-wedding-photographer/ ). I couldn't be happier with our photographer choice

Catering: SD Catering Concepts  A+
SD Catering concepts operates out of South Bay Fish and Grill. They have very reasonable prices and delicious food! Our guests kept coming by our table to tell us how delicious their dinner was, and a lot of people went back for more. They are easy to work with and their set up and take down was very low key. I was worried that, since thsi was a wedding at a home and not a hotel, they would be all over the place setting things up and removing them but we hardly noticed them! They just came in a did their jobs perfectly and discreetly. Their catering package uncludes a champagne toast and the cake cutting which was awesome, and they offer rentals as well (though we ended up getting ours from somewhere else).

DJ: E Starr Entertainment  A+
We were recommended to Eric Starr by Paul Peterson, who we had heard good reviews about (but he was booked, so he told us to call Eric). Eric Starr was easy to work with and I really appreciated how detailed he was in the client interviews. He made sure he knew exactly what we wanted, even down to the sliding scale of DJ involvement. We even lost our ceremony musician at the last minute, and he was willing to step in and take care of it for us which was so helpful! And the price was perfect!

Flowers: Cat's Corner Flowers  A+
Cat's Corner Flowers is a small flower stand in Pacific Beach, and it is where my now-husband used to go to bring me flowers for special occasions, or sometimes just because. Her flowers were always fresh and lasted a long time, so we decided to use her for the wedding. We met with her and told her what kinds of flowers we wanted, and I gave her a general idea of my bouquet. When the flowers arrived I was so happy with how big and beautiful they were. It was like she went and hand-picked the biggest, brightest flowers she could find. Then I saw my bouquet, and I was stunned. It was the most gorgeous bouquet I have ever seen! So needless to say, she knows what she is doing with arrangements.

Cake: Grove Pastry Shop  B-
Let me start by saying the cake here is delicious, but it's almost like you have to earn it. Luis is the guy who does wedding orders, and he was easy to work with, but everyone else at the counter seemed like they were just being intentionally difficult. So if you can shell out enough patience to work with these people, then you will earn yourself a gorgeous and absolutely mouth-watering cake. My one complaint is that I ordered a cupcake along with the cake (just a little cupcake, which was hard enough to get them to understand as it is) and they never brought it. I paid for it and everything and they insisted it would be included with the cake no problem, but when they delivered the cake there was no cupcake. I was dissapointed, because the wedding was on one of my guests' birthday and I had hoped to honor them with the cupcake, but I never got to do that.

Table/Chair Rentals: Platinum Party Rentals  A+
Good prices, and they also do price matching. I really liked how they delivered the day before the wedding (they would have even done it a day sooner if I wanted) so I wasn't rushing to set it up on the actual day. They also didn't pick it up until the following Monday, so there was no scramble to clean it up. Curbside delivery and pickup was convenient, but my delivery charge was a bit steep (though I think that was because my venue was so far away, not because their prices are high). Tables were a bit banged up, but that's what you get with a rental, and the table cloths covered it so it was not a problem.

Officiant: Ever After Weddings with Rev. Cathy Glenn  A+
We met with Cathy for the initial meeting, and we discussed exactly what we wanted for the ceremony. She gave us a book with planning ideas and ceremony layouts and it was sooo helpful! We ended up using it to write a unique ceremony that fit us perfectly, and the guests loved it. Rev. Cathy wasn't the one who married us, she recommended Rev. Rachel to us but it was a great fit so no complaints there. I'm not sure what normal nondenominational officiant prices are, but theirs seemed a little steep at first. However, after it was all said and done, I was glad I spent it because the ceremony was beautiful and not the same old thing you have heard before.

Hair and Make-up: Hair Drezzers on Fire (Sandi Zizzo)  A+
I have been going to Sandi for my hair for years, so it was fitting that she should do the hair and make-up for my wedding. She let my bridal party take over her salon for the morning and she ended up doing more people's make-up than she thought she would, but she never made me feel like we were inconveniencing her. Everyone kept telling me how beautiful I looked and it felt great :) It was definitely more make-up than I had ever worn in my life, but I understood why when I saw the pictures! I'm so glad I didn't end up doing my own make-up and I will always recommend that salon for anything.

Dress: Alfred Angelo  C
Ok I just wanted to add this in here real quick. Picking out the dress was a great experience and the bridal consultant was perfect and helped me find the most beautiful dress. HOWEVER, the alterations lady bothered me a little. I had flowers on my dress and part of one of them fell off at some point during the alterations process. When I pointed that out to her, she tried to tell me it was supposed to be like that. When I asked to see the sample and showed her that no, it was not in fact supposed to be like that, she just cut the rest of it off. I was stunned. And there was no apology offered or anything, so I just took my dress and got the heck out of there before they cut something else off. BUT, it was still better than my experiences at David's Bridal (they got my shoe and bridesmaid dress orders wrong more than once)
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