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Balboa park ceremony venue

We are planning to do our ceremony at the Zoro, also known as the butterfly garden, in balboa park.  Has anyone been to a wedding there, or does anyone know anything about putting chairs there?

Re: Balboa park ceremony venue

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    Is that the outdoor stone-ish garden area kind of near the science museum?
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    No, it's the recessed garden near the fountain.  If you are looking at the fountain, it is to the right, but before you get up to the fountain and the imax.  It's kind of hidden.  There's kind of a map/word description below.

    fountain    imax

    museum zoro garden
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    I'm pretty sure I know the one you're thinking about, very picturesque, it will make for a lovely ceremony. I've never actually seen a wedding there, but I'm sure it will be beautiful. I haven't been there in a while, but if memory serves, you should be able to do chairs. They might not be in the standard aisle configurations, but should still work pretty well. It's pretty close to my place, maybe I can pop over there to refresh my memory on the layout this week :)
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    We've come up with the layout and where we'll be approaching from.  On the permit fee it states that only 20 chairs are allowed...  I'm trying to figure out if that is checked on the day of...or if maybe we could sneak some more. 
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    When is your wedding? I was looking at that location or Alcazar in Balboa park. I can't wait to hear about it and the amount of chairs, etc.    I recently emailed the park to reserve a location next Sept. and asked what the fees are, but I haven't heard back yet. What is the fee for your wedding ceremony?

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    Hmm, I'm not sure. I know they've got security that wander through the park, I don't know if they actively check things like that. Hopefully someone on here will have had first-hand experience. What's the fee/penalty if there are more chairs than that? Does it put restrictions on where they can be placed?
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    I'm getting married at the Prado and considered doing my ceremony there. While scoping out Balboa, I have seen a couple weddings. The weddings I have seen, I didn't see any chair and all the guests just stood. The problems i have noticed is that it is still a public park and anybody can walk through it. I've seen tourist taking pictures with the flowers while the ceremony was going on and I have also seen a homeless man sleeping on one of the benches. If you have time, you should go on Saturdays to see what other brides do.
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    I am pretty sure I know which area you are talking about and I would probably say a twenty chair limit is probably pretty accurate.
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    the fee is like $274 for san diego residents, it's double for non residents.  somewhere on the parks and rec page for SD, there is a fee list.  or if you google balboa park permit fees you should be able to find it too.
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