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DJ's - San Diego $?

HI there everyoine - I am one of the few grooms rockin' the Knot..

Can any of you San Diego Brides to be or married ladies please let me know who you are using and pricing for DJ's..  Seriously their hourly rate is more than a lawyer! And its one of the last vendors we need but I thought I'd ask..


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Re: DJ's - San Diego $?

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    Try Mobile Music Plus. Jonny Dupre.  We didn't use them as we had a band instead, but I've been to weddings were they've been and they are good.  I think their prices fall in the reasonable category for their experience.  If you go too cheap you risk having an awkward reception.....Good luck!
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    Jason and Chad at Injoy Entertainment!
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    We met with several different DJ's and they all seemed good-

    Stuart at Mobile Music Plus

    JMC Events, Joe got good reviews but he wasn't available for our date.

    We are going with Greg at Positive Energy Producitons.

    It really came down to price and personality for us-the DJ is the "voice" of your reception so you want to make sure you meet them and they have the type of energy you are looking for.

    Good Luck!
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    Scott of San Diego's Favorite DJ is incredible. We are really excited to have him at our reception in two weeks. He has been great and is extremely affordable.
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    My Fiance and I have decided to go with Musically Yours DJs aka MY DJs. We met with a couple before we decided and were much more impressed than with the other companies we met with. We actually met with the person who is going to me OUR wedding DJ. He was personable and not pushy at all, which we found with some others.

    Their website:

    Our DJ is going to be Tony. I actually found them at the Bridal Bizaar at the convention center.

    We only had to put $100 down as a deposit and we are getting lighting and a slide show (I don't know if you're into that, but my fiance wanted it, so there you go). Also they have monogram options too, but I didn't care too much about it, if I remember correctly its not much more, maybe $100-$150.

    But our total is$1045. I don't know what you're budget is, but that was a pretty good price compared to some of the other options we found out there.

    Good Luck!
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