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California-San Diego

Florist issue

Has anyone used Jerri Disney in San Marcos for their wedding florist?  I have recently had a very unprofessional email sent to me by her after only one phone conversation and now I am a bit worried about using her.  I originally picked her because she was the perfered vendor for my venue and I thought it would be a good idea to go with someone that knows the layout and what would look best for the time of year my wedding will take place.  Just wondering how to best handle this situation :)

Re: Florist issue

  • frenchy730frenchy730 member
    edited December 2011
    Have you met with her in person?  Sometimes people just don't present themselves well by e-mail.  What exactly was unprofessional about her e-mail and/or phone call?

    I recommend meeting with her in person.  Maybe then you will get a better feel for her professional abilities.  Did the venue have good things to say about her?  I'd also talk to them to get their opinions.  Sad but true, not all "preferred vendors" are vendors the venues really like... sometimes they pay to be on these types of lists.
  • edited December 2011
    She sent me one of those emails that say "send to x amount of people and Microsoft will track it and send you x amount of dollars for each person."  It was very strange, especally I have only talked to her once on the phone to set up the appointment, never met in person.  I emailed back and asked her not to send those type of emails to me and she responded that she had a "moment of insanity."  I don't know, it was just strange.
  • frenchy730frenchy730 member
    edited December 2011
    Hmm... that is weird!  Maybe she accidently hit forward to her entire address book or something.  But that is very odd.  I would really meet with her in person and get the opinion of people who have worked with her in the past.  If she is a nut bar, then you probably don't want to have her be responsible for anything important for your wedding.
  • samsereysamserey member
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    edited December 2011
    I used her... she was AMAZING!! The flowers she put together for our wedding were so, so wonderful. Beyond anything I could have imagined. Exactly what we wanted-- but so much better! Just meet with her in person-- she really knows what she's doing!
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