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OML with San Diego Questions :)

Hello Ladies! I went to post this question on the San Diego nest board, but that place is dead! I was hoping you might be able to answer a couple quick questions for me.
A friend of mine is taking a job offer in San Diego and his wife will start her search for a job there now too. She's a teacher, but are well aware she may need to take a job outside of teaching after they move. So my questions are, do you know of any schools that are currently hiring, or anywhere else for that matter? Additionally, any apartment/housing suggestions would be wonderful.
Thanks so much for any help you can give! :)

Re: OML with San Diego Questions :)

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    Teaching market is really tight right now, with most districts possibly facing cuts mid-year depending on what happens with the state budget. A good place to start looking for postings and job fairs is EDJOIN:

    She might want to start with subbing. To sub in CA you need a 4-year degree, pass the CBEST, get LiveScan fingerprinted and apply for a substitute teaching permit.

    I have not subbed here, so I'm not sure what the pay is like, but I'm sure it varies from district to district.

    As far as apartments/housing, it totally depends on what type of environment they are looking for, how much they are willing to pay and job location.
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    I'm a teacher.  Getting a teaching job right now is REALLY hard.  She should definitely look into subbing.  In Escondido the sub pay is $85-110 a day (the higher rate on Fridays).  Poway School District is around $95 I think, and I think San Diego City Schools is  a bit more.

    Not to be totally negative, but I know people who have been trying to get a full-time permanent job for 5 years.  They get one, then get laid off at the end, then re hired, then laid off again....If she has some sort of special credential or certification like Special Ed or Middle/High School math or science she may have a shot, but otherwise she will be in line behind all the others that want a job. 
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    Thanks for the information ladies! If you hear of anyone that's hiring at all, not just schools - anything, please let me know. Much appreciated!
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