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LONG - Vendor Reviews / Link to our photos - Skybox at Diamond View Tower

Hi!!! Thanks for letting me be a AW here. Our photographer (whom I adore) posted a blog post of some of our wedding pics!!! 

And here are my reviews:

Dress - Nordstrom in their evening gown department at Fashion Valley Mall. Loved it! I could walk around and dance fairly easily, it was light-weight which was awesome because I got hot anyway. I could use the restroom alone. And it was way more "me" than a traditional wedding dress.


Venue - Skybox at Diamond View Tower. Love. Our guests loved it. We wanted something modern that had a great view of the city since 70 of our 100 guests were from OOT. We also loved that they offered a wide range of caterers to choose from as well as allowing us to bring in our own alcohol. We had a full open bar and it was a HUGE savings to bring in everything ourselves. 


Ceremony - We did our ceremony on the dance floor in a "gather round" style. Some guests had to stand. Not ideal but it was a last minute back up plan. My husband's mom was unable to travel from Australia last minute because of an unexpected heart surgery (her surgery went well!!) but we decided to ditch our initial plan of having a church wedding so we can save that part for her when she is well enough to travel. So that our guests were not standing for an excessive amount of time, we did a pre-ceremony cocktail and appetizer reception at which my husband and I attended (we had already seen each other for photos). We mingled and greeted our guests for 1/2 an hour. Then the officiant asked everyone to gather around for the 15 minute ceremony. No processional, no recessional, except my Dad walked me over. We resumed cocktail hour afterwards.


Ceremony Officiant - Bethel, Ceremonies by Bethel. I just cannot say enough good things about Bethel. She is such a kind, warm person. The ceremony was personal and intimate and beautiful but in a totally modern, non-cheesy way. I love that part of the process is to do homework about your relationship in advance. We turned it in to Bethel and then heard some of each other's answers during the ceremony. We got a TON of compliments on the ceremony.


Cake - Sweet Cheeks Baking Company. Our cake was gorgeous, exactly what we had discussed in our meeting. Love love love how friendly and helpful they are. They did a gluten-free top layer for me and my celiac friends. It was delish. Lots of compliments on cake as well.


Photography - Chelsea Anne Photography. Chelsea has a gift for capturing real moments. She is also excellent at finding the best light. She was the absolute perfect photographer for me. She's super nice as well. Eddie Bojorquez second shot for us. Love him.


Flowers - Cherry Blossom Floral Designs. I don't even know where to begin. I told Kiyoko I loved bright color, showed her a couple photos, said I love dahlia's and "little nuggets" of things in bouquets and she totally wow'd me. Our florals were more than I could have hoped for. She did all of the design as well like the vases, candles, little silver ball things. I didn't know about any of that in advance. I think she really has a knack for getting people and their vision. She's truly creative. I love how my bouquet looked like it had a giant dahlia hair piece. It was one of my favorite things.


DJ, Uplights, Gobo - Mike Farmer. Mike is one of the nicest people I know. He is also a SUPER fast emailer. I love how he always made me feel like a priority. The music quality was excellent. His website is pretty dated :) But he's awesome! Great voice on the mic, doesn't do awkward flubs. 


Catering - Terra. These guys did such a fabulous job on our food. Everyone told us that we had the best wedding food they've ever tasted. Plus they use natural and organic ingredients when possible and are sustainable. They were able to work with our special requests for people with allergies. I thought they were a little disorganized paperwork wise, but it didn't affect us really in any way other than making me nervous that something might fall through. They had just moved their restaurant to the new location so I think they had a lot going on when we booked. But they went way above and beyond for us and everything was perfect! 


Coordination - Amanda McPhail, Creative Affairs. She and Pili were my main contacts and they are fabulous. Really on top of things. I know they have a ton of events going but they always made me feel like a priority. They caught some mistakes in the rental and linen orders that would have been a pretty big problem in advance and corrected them for me. They saved me time and money. Really bonded with them and highly recommend them.


Linens - A Perfect Table. Irene rocks. She has a TON of linens and they are really affordable. She helped me decide what would look best and I'm really happy with how they turned out.


Rentals - Event Party Rentals. I'm happy with their service. They were really behind the scenes for me but it all went well. They delivered a heat lamp that did not work and since we didn't really need the third one, Amanda sent it back and asked them to refund me instead of having them deliver a new one. Yay, Amanda.


Hair - Tany, Salon Styletto - She's great! We did a trial and my hair started falling since it was swept to the side so far. So on the wedding day she made me a little pony tail over there on the side and it stayed super well. 


Makeup - Bellezza by Betsy - We did two trials! My fault. I highly recommend doing a trial though, folks. The first time I told her about our venue and showed her my dress and said I wanted to look glamorous. lol. Her glamorous and mine were pretty different - which is totally my fault. She was super nice about it. I felt like I was wearing WAY too much make up. So we did a second trial on her suggestion. I felt bad for being a PITA but she was so nice about it. The second time we did a natural look and it was exactly what I wanted. She was the first contact I had on the day of the wedding and she was so calming to be around. I hadn't really thought of that but I'm glad she was the first one there with me that day besides my girls. :) The make up wore really well all day. No touchups other than lip color needed.



Not surprisingly, they are all favorable reviews. Some of you know, I also happen to work in the wedding industry so I've been lucky enough to have been "screening" vendors I would choose for my own wedding for years now. None of these vendors know I am posting about them. Nor do I believe in accepting or giving kickbacks or commissions. I mention that because it does happen here on TK (God help us with all the spammy posts we've seen) and I know it does happen out there between wedding vendors. I just think it's a conflict of interest for the couple even if it's meant well. Anyhow, I hope these are helpful to any of you still looking for great vendors knowing an insider chose these people. :)

Re: LONG - Vendor Reviews / Link to our photos - Skybox at Diamond View Tower

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    Thanks for the reviews!  I'm still looking for an officiant and MUA, so I might look into yours.  Also, your wedding looked like a lot of fun, and you looked beautiful!
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    WOW WOW WOW!!!!  Looks like an absolutley wonderful day!  Your pictures turned out fabulous!!!  I just love your cake table!! :)
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    Thanks, Ladies!! Your comments made me smile. Thanks for taking the time to respond and check out our photos :D Ally, I loved them both!! The gift Bethel gave us with such an awesome ceremony was just priceless.

    And lol, luvbug thank you so much for your enthusiasm. I loooved our cake table too. I had no idea what they were going to do other than the actual cake. It was fun to see everything come together.

    I'm excited for both of your weddings now! You'll both have to post as well :)
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