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Hey! I just replied to your post about a day of coordinator. I offered a few websites for you to try contacting and I also suggested that if you are unable to find anyone... I would not mind doing it for you! I just looked at your bio and I had a very similar wedding.  We got married in a barn, we had a kids table, we had lemonade in large glass containers.... If you have already found someone to coordinate your wedding that is great. If you have any questions though about decorating or anything like that feel free to contact me.  For my tables I used square pieces of Burlap to go over my white linens. It really made everything very rustic and chic.. that's always an option :)

Re: *MrsHeatherMarie

  • edited December 2011
    Thanks so much! :)

    Sorry, I'm just now replying ... I haven't been on for a couple of days.  I haven't had much luck finding anyone.  I've looked and looked and everyone charges a fee that is out of my price range.  So, I've kinda just given up on them. :\  That is so sweet of you to offer to do it for me!  :)  Are you still interested?  What type of fee would you charge?  If you don't mind, would you e-mail me at heather dot marie08 at ymail dot com

    Thanks again! :)
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