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Rehearsal dinner suggestions! Help!

We're getting married in October. Our ceremony is in Coronado at the Christ Episcopal Church and the reception is at the Admiral Kidd. I thought we could have our rehearsal dinner at Tom Hamm's but when I called about it, they said we have to have a $2000 food & drink tab! Does that seem high? And it's on a week night!! Our rehearsal has to be on a Thursday because of the church rules. Any ideas for a dinner spot in the Coronado/Pt Loma area! It's going to be a fairly large dinner. (14 attendants, ushers, friends doing readings and several out of town family members & friends)

Re: Rehearsal dinner suggestions! Help!

  • Check into the Brigantine and Miguels.  They are both in Coronado just across from the Hotel Del.  Both have large spaces to have a rehearsal dinner and from what I remember it runs about $20-$30 per person.

    Good Luck!
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  • I was also going to suggest Miguel's. 
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  • how formal are you looking for?
  • The Thursday club in point loma is beautiful and has weddings. I know they are not cheap but check and see if you could do a smaller scale rehearsal dinner there or even better see if there is a friends house that it can be done at and decorate it beautiful. I have done a few at homes catered and they are more intimiate.
  • Sarah,

    How many total people (estimated) do you think will be attending the rehearsal dinner?
  • If you  are willing to go to La Jolla the Cottages do a great dinner for about $26-$29 per person not sure what date they stop opening for dinner but you can give them a call.   We had our rehearsal dinner there.  The entire place was ours.  If you are having about 40 people you can also have a backyard/house gathering for about $20 per person.  There are some great caterers in our area that are reasonably priced.  Think outside the box.  Doesn't have to be a fancy place to be good.  You can always go in and decorate or have someone do it for you so it spices up the place.
  • It's hard to say. We have 14 in the wedding party, 4 ushers, 2 doing readings, and out of town family. So maybe, 40-50.
  • Our wedding is very formal so I feel like the dinner could be more informal. It's going to be on a Thursday as our church only allows us to rehearse that night despite what day of the weekend we get married
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