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Wedding Dresses direct form China vendors

Hi Ladies,
I was wondering if any of you have ordered your wedding dress directly from a China vendor.  What was your experience?

Re: Wedding Dresses direct form China vendors

  • LauraChristinLauraChristin member
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    No but a friend of mine ordered a custom dress from and it was pretty cool. It was only a couple hundred dollars and the turn around time was about a month. She sent them a picture of the dress she wanted them to replicate and it was really close. The color was a little different (she ordered a grey/silver dress) and the material wasn't as nice as the $9,000 dress she had tried on but that's to be expected. It was beautiful.
  • wcasarwcasar member
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    I bought my dress from China via Ebay. I made sure to do some research and only looked at companies that were top rated sellers. 99.8% or better with their feedback. Emailed them my measurements in cm to confirm the dress size. Note the dress sizes in China are different. They wrote back quickly every time. Then I ordered it and came within a week with tracking number. The style was exactly what I wanted and what the picture showed. The quality was good. The beading was more pearls than rhinestones/beads. I complained and they said I could return for a full refund or 20% off the dress. I took the 20% back via pay pal and my mom is "blinging" my dress. It was totally worth it. My wedding isn't until September so I have plenty of time and one worry off my list. Good luck with your decision!

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  • BelleIselleBelleIselle member
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    I wouldn't do it.  I've heard many horror stories.  I'm glad that a few posters above had good experiences, but I personally still would not risk it.  I just think you should try on the actual dress.  The photos these websites use are usually the photos from the original designers NOT what they create.  The fabrics are different, as are the beading details.  Those little differences can make a big difference in how it feels when you're wearing it, how it reflects light, etc. 

    I have a cousin who ordered a dress via ebay and it wasn't what the photo showed at all!  Hit or miss I think!
  • jessjones1989jessjones1989 member
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    Totally did, and it went perfectly fine.  Just had to have it taken in about a full size as the sizes are different as someone else mentioned.  but otherwise, it was superb and even held up to a trash the dress session in the pacific ocean.  got it cleaned and put away and it's in absolutely perfect condition.
  • Yup definitely hit or miss.  I ordered one from China after emailing them back and forth with a million questions.  I got the referral from a friend who has a friend that bought one and was happy with it.  The dress did arrive quickly but the workmanship was awful!!  They attempted to re-create a Maggie Sottero dress (which they have done before based on the pics I got) but it was just a disaster.  The lace they put on was only fastened to the satin with a pearl and a little string so the edges were coming off and the dress was huge!  I sent them my measurements and asked that the train be made a little shorter than usual and it was not!  I ended up paying $50 to ship it back to them and was at least lucky to get a refund on the original price I paid for the dress.  I ended up finding a beautiful gown off the rack that was discontinued but in great shape for less than the China dress cost me!  
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