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Party Rental Vendors?

Our top choice (San Diego Party Rentals) is all booked up :( ... so we're looking into other companies now. Anyone have any experience with Raphael's, All Seasons, Anar's, or any other local companies? Budget is important to us, but so is reliability.

Re: Party Rental Vendors?

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    We used Allie's Party Rental for our wedding last summer, and I've used them for other special events since. Good variety, well priced, and very reliable company.
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    My coordinator has had multiple bad experiences with Raphael's. 
    I am using Anar party rental.  I like their prices and they are easy to work with. 
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    I am also using Anar Party Rentals. They have really good prices and right now are offering 15% off all orders. I have also heard great things of Allies Party rentals.
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