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I realized this while I was filling out my marriage license application, but I didn't realize you only have the ability to change your middle and last name. I'm unsure about how to go about it, but I wish to change my first name too.

As far as I know these are two separate processes. If I successfully change my first name on all pertinent documents/records, within months, I'll be getting married and changing my middle and last names. Essentially, I'll be completing two name changes in a year.

Shall I change my first name first, as it's a more tedious process, then go through the easier process in changing my middle and last name once marriedr? Or is there a process where I can do all in one?

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    If you want to legally change your first name, you need to file a petition with the Court.  If you file a petition, you can change your whole name to whatever you want, first, middle and last.  So you can do it all in one process.  Its really not that hard, it will just take a few months to complete and there will be some court costs involved.  You will then get an order from the Court that you can take to social security and dmv to get your new papers.
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    oh what a relief to hear. thank you!
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    I am so glad you posted this.  My plan was to combine my first name and middle name when I got married to make it my first name.  Make my CURRENT last name my NEW middle name and then take FI's last name.  (CONFUSED YET?? LOL)  Basically: First name (Current first and middle names) Middle name (Former last name) and Last name (Married name).  I'm trying to debate whether or not I should change it or just kiss my current last name goodbye and embrace the new one.
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