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make up

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get make up done for the wedding? I've had a few references but they wanted to charge me like over $100 per day (trial and wedding day) just for the make up. I've had a couple people tell me I should go to MAC. any thoughts? or other suggestions..

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Re: make up

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    I haven't researched this yet myself, but IMO makeup depends on how much you wear it normally. 

    It's tough because you want to look your best on your wedding day.... If you don't wear makeup that often, spending $100 for someone else to do it seems expensive.  But if you wear a good amount of makeup, you understand that $100 is paying for the artist's skills, time and all of their professional level supplies.  Can you imagine how much it costs to have all the varying shades of skin colors that a make-up artist needs?  Not cheap.  Just my thoughts on the subject.  :-)

    I have just been saving websites on Delicious with "tags" and here some websites I've found:

    Hair & makeup $200+, trial is $150

    Make Up only $65

    Make Up $130 (but $200 minimum)

    Make Up $95

    Or maybe you could take a make up class from Meleah?  I don't know her, it just sounds fun and she gets great Yelp reviews.

    Check out Yelp reviews.  That's how I narrow down my search a lot of the time.

    Or ask around to see if your bridesmaids, mom, aunts, friends, etc. is good at makeup and would help you figure out how to do it yourself.  I'm finding that people are coming out of the wood work now that I'm getting married and offering all kinds of fun things to help make my wedding a special day.  :-)

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    I actually don't wear a lot of make up. normally most people can't even tell I'm wearing it besides mascara. and I don't want anything too extreme from that. since that's not me. I guess that's why I find some of the prices I'm seeing high. I will have to check out those links!

    Thanks for all your help :)
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  • wendysandiegowendysandiego member
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    I don't normally wear makeup either, so when I was searching for a make up artist, the prices seemed high to me too.  But believe me, it is so worth it to have someone come and do your hair and makeup. 

    I know two people that used Susie with A Up Do For You.

    She does both hair and makeup, and my friends looked AMAZING on their wedding days. 
    Both of my friends were also very budget conscious, and they were very happy with her prices. 
  • ja0547984ja0547984 member
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    Contact my makeup artist Amber Ryce! Check out her business page on facebook. She's awesome! She will be doing my makeup for my engagement photos and wedding. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001369351379
  • I'm getting my make done w/ Flawless Beauty: http://www.flawlessbeautyonline.com/ It's normally $85 for the bride and $55ea for any extra. But if you get more than 4 = $75 for the bride. I went to my trial last month and it looked great. It's airbrushing too by the way. Take a look at the website, she has a portfolio of pics.
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