Barb's Bridal In Little Falls

I just wanted to take a quick minute and let other brides know ahead of time so they don't have to deal with the same issues I had at Barb's Bridal. Th.e day started off well, the lady who was helping us seemed to listen to what we all wanted. We were trying to find a dress that would suit different body types because there is a variety of women in my wedding. We picked out a bunch of dresses to be tried on. After many dresses we decided on one. So all of my bridesmaids started the measurment process. My sister was the first one to run into problems. After being measured the sales lady told her that she needed to order a size 28 and would be required to pay an extra $40 due to her "large size". My sister at this point didn't feel that that would be the right sized and asked to try one on in a size 28. The lady told her "oh we don't carry dresses that big". So my sister went with what she was told and ordered the 28. When her dress arrived she tried it on only to find that is is about 6 sizes too big! She asked if there was anything they would do to fix their mistake and was told that it wasn't the stores fault and that they wouldn't pay for any of the alterations!! Another one of my brides maids was told a similar story, she was told to order a size 18 and felt that wasn't right. She went and found a size 16 on the rack, she tried it on and it fit great so she went with the size 16. When she got her dress she found they ordered her a size 14 and so her dress was too small! I would not recommend this briday shop to anyone!!! To mess up one persons dress is one thing but 2!?! Just seems like a scam to me!
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