Where can I bring my own alcohol?

I wouldn't mind hiring a bartender to serve it for me, but I'm interested in bringing my own alcohol to the reception.....specifically some wines from wineries we've been to for our friends and family to enjoy.  Are there any event spaces in the area that allow you to do this?

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Re: Where can I bring my own alcohol?

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    I am really not sure, I think if you found a venue that did not have a bar they would probably let you.  I think some place like a VFW would probably let you bring in wine, but I think they would require you to use them for the rest of the alcohol. 

    A VFW may let you bring in your own alcohol, but probably would not let you bring in a keg.  I don't even know if a AVFW would let you do this, but I think that is your best chance.

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    Where are you from?

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    The St. Paul College Club - but you have to provide all of your own alcohol.
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    The only places I have found are The Semple Mansion, Profile Event Center, and I think The St. Paul College Club.  
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