Wedding planners?

Are brides in the Twin Cities using Wedding planners? Why or why not? I don't know if I should look into this or not. HELP! Surprised  Thanks!

Re: Wedding planners?

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    No, I think that they are WAY more expensive than they are worth. That being said, I'd love to be one. :)
    I don't understand why they are needed. If a person has a good support system, like moms/maids/aunts to help, then one should be able to get everything done oneself. I refuse to spend that much for a one day party, but that is just me. And I'm having lots of fun planning, but that might be because I plan junk for a living ;)
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    I am not having a Wedding Planner. Why? Because I am a Planner by nature and very organized. Plus, I have time on my side. That being said I am having a Day of Coordinator, (taking care of everything at the reception site; setting up and taking down etc.) which is a family friend that would do it for free but I'm going to pay her something anyways. Plus I have 2 Personal Attendents to help with taking things from the church to the reception. So I have no need.
    Obviously I don't know you but if you are organized and know what you want and what you are looking for you can do it yourself. (Might have to sucker some friends or family to help set up or take down) But if you are not and just have general ideas and don't mind handing the reigns over I would go the Wedding Planner route. Note you dont' have to go and hire the whole wedding planner. You can always do a Day of Coordinator that will take everything over at about the 2 week mark and make sure everything gets there, set up and taken down the day of. They range around $500. I would ask this on the Mpls/St, Paul Board too if you are looking for recommendations for a wedding planner specifically.

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    I probably will. We've got a couple people narrowed down and I've almost sold FI on the idea. :)
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    So not worth it! I have seen too many that aren't open to different ideas, and the cost is ridiculus.
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    Depends - what all are you needing/wanting help with?

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